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♥ Strawberry Pocky Cake ♥

Francy about a Pocky Cake?
The pink color is epically stunning and the scent from the strawberry chocolate and fresh strawberries are so comforting and sweet!

I am glad I made this cake.
It smells like strawberry, looks like strawberry and tastes like strawberry!

Adding Natvia natural sweetener to my whipped cream has given a light but healthy sweetness to it.

This is basically just my peanut butter and jelly cornmeal cake with whipped cream frosting and strawberry chocolate pocky; decorated with fresh strawberries and tied up with a brown ribbon for secure. Enjoy and I'm sure your guest will be very impressed!

You'll need:
1 PB&J cornmeal cake recipe
Strawberry pocky sticks (I used 3 packs)
2 cup whipped cream
Natvia to taste
Strawberries to decorate
1 brown coloured ribbon

How to make strawberry pocky cake:
  1. Prepare peanut butter and jelly cornmeal cake.
  2. Combine whipped cream with Natvia until desired sweetness. Coat the cake with enough whipped cream.
  3. Arrange pocky sticks around the cake with biscuit bottom heading down. Situate the pocky sticks with ribbon around the cake.
  4. Dollop more whipped cream in the middle of the cake and top with strawberries to decorate.
With all my love <3


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  1. Hi Andre,

    I like your pretty cake. You are very creative making this.