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Hi, I'm Andre!

Accounting & Finance Student @ the University of Hong Kong.
Home Baker.
Food Blogger.
Hong Kong.

Welcome to Andre's the Home Baker.

I love to bake, especially for my family and friends on every occasions, such as Christmas & Easter. I have a sister's blog hosted mainly by me and my twin cousins on MysisteRZfAntaCy, where you will also find some of the recipes that I made. I hope to bring more new recipes here and start my own business. Please contact me to take an order if you would want to have them. I work for my passion and I self-learn for my cooking skills.

My website, Spot The Food, not long ago was named as Andre’s traveling with food. I love food, everything about food, enjoy cooking and baking. Therefore, I have two of these recipe blog and foodie blog sharing all the food I come across. Once in a while, I would take pictures of the dishes I had in a meal if they looked appealing to me. Also, I read about restaurant reviews from different bloggers on a daily basis, so basically I am quite familiar with any new opened restaurants in town or any popular foods. By the time I realized so many collection of food-porn, I started up blogging about food to keep record of my daily food adventures, remembering of what I have eaten, what I have done and how I have spent my day with my family & friends. I also wanted to share my favourite dishes and restaurants just in case any of my readers would miss it. I find it the best way to practice my writing skills in describing texture and taste of food, along with some little journals. Sometimes, after a travel to somewhere out of town, such as Korea, Cebu, Taiwan, Singapore or Thailand, I would also record the restaurants I have been, together with amazing food photographs that were mostly taken by my professional digital camera. 

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With all my love <3

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